Get motivated for Step Into January – Mike’s Story

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We wanted to share some stories from people within the company about their take on fundraising, getting active and Step into January. Read Mike’s story below.

My reasons for getting involved in Step into January are many but I mostly join in because I want to motivate myself to begin the year in the right frame of mind for future organised events I will compete in. These are usually 5k and 10k runs and organised walking events. I also like to take part because it’s a great excuse to get moving again after perhaps being a bit lazy over the Christmas break. Plus of course probably eating too much!
I always feel better after taking part in something like Step into January. I feel the benefit both physically and mentally. I really like the time I spend exercising outdoors, even though it’s often cold and wet in January. It helps me focus on goals for the year, clears my mind and helps me manage my physical health.

But perhaps my major motivation to join in is to promote the benefits to our mental health and to support Hull and East Yorkshire Mind. I sit on the Board as Trustee and this gives me a chance of putting something into the charity and actively promoting what we do. In previous years we have had a little celebration event at the end of the month. The best part of that is to see and hear how people have overcome their own issues to do their best to complete the month long challenge. It’s great to hear how creative people are in overcoming their doubts and taking part. Every single person I have met has always said one thing, “I’m really pleased to have taken part, I didn’t think I could do it!” Their smile in telling me this says it all.
For me it’s getting up and moving and not giving myself a hard time if I miss a day because I can catch up tomorrow!

Any activity counts. You don’t have to run like me. Just a walk to the shops, clearing the garden of leaves, vacuuming the front room, no matter what it is you do, it all counts. Just move around and you’ll be surprised at what you can achieve!

To sign up to Step Into January visit, www.nelmind.org.uk/step-into-january

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