Get motivated for Step Into January – Dan’s Story

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We wanted to share some stories from people within the company about their take on fundraising, getting active and Step into January. Read Dan’s story below.


Why I run

As a child I loved running.

I ran to school. I ran in the garden. I ran when I was told to walk.

My nose ran a lot too.

I ran cross-country through choice and not as a punishment. I was never fast or first, but I always smiled.

I ran on the beach during my summer holidays at Primrose Valley with my Mum, Dad and my sister Sophie. We raced each other, we had competitions, but mostly we just ran and smiled. A lot.

As I grew older, running became less frequent and only when absolutely necessary. I occasionally ran for a bus and always ran for last orders at the bar. Lots of other things took over. And I smiled less.

Years passed and a form of depression arrived. Coming and going, mostly with no rhyme or reason. No warning of its arrival. I call it ‘my fog’ and it took away my smile.

I didn’t know what would help.

As time passed and my life improved I wanted to get fitter and healthier, so I ran. Well I jogged to begin with. At first 400 metres, then a pause, catch my breath and then another 400 metres and repeat until I couldn’t. Weeks passed and I set myself goals. 800 metres before the pause. Cracked it. What a sense of achievement. Satisfaction. What a smile. My face hurts. (So do my legs)

As I progressed in distance so I also noticed my mood was much improved each time I went for a run. This is great. Where have you been? What’s next? A race. Done. BIG smile. Another race, another big smile.

Then suddenly like a horrible storm ‘the fog’ appears, ruining everything.

I don’t want to get up and go for a run. In fact I don’t want to get up. I want to stay here. I need to stay here.

I indulge ‘the fog’. And it hurts. It hurts me. It hurts my relationships.

One day my rock at home says to me “Do you think you should go for a run?” So I do. And I smile.

Lots of races now ticked off. The distances have increased but I always remember those first 400 metres. I always will. They started everything.

The fog still comes and I still indulge it, only this time I run.

I used to think I was running to get away from it but actually I’m running towards it. To embrace it. To own it. To smile.

That’s why I run.


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